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Life is a challenge; and, when events or relationships become overwhelming, the solutions may feel out of reach. If you find yourself experiencing high conflict or emotional distress, I offer counselling, consulting & mediation services so you can effectively resolve the issues and move forward with your life. 

Divorce Coaching for:

  • Simple or complex divorce processes (including collaborative divorce)
  • Assisting in organizing the details, prioritizing needs, clarifying goals, improving communications, creating your next life stage and your new life
  • Creating parenting plans 

Mediation for:

  • Adult family including siblings & extended family
  • Parent/teen conflict
  • Divorce/separation
  • Elder Mediation
  • Adoption including: agency/parent disputes, genetic family access
  • Civil Mediation

Consulting for:

  • Parenting Arrangement Assessments
  • Parental Capacity Assessments
  • Views of the Child
  • Child's Needs Assessments
  • Adoption Planning

Counselling for:

  •  Stress
  •  Anxiety
  •  Depression
  •  Family relationships
  •  Post adoption issues
  •  Difficult life transitions
  •  Behaviour disorders including borderline personality disorder